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Dynamic Yoga workshop

Kurs i mental utveckling

    Dr Vinay Vora har i Indien under flera år utvecklat och hållt en workshop i mental utveckling. Workshopen består av teoretiska avsnitt som kopplas till praktiska övningar. Kursen bygger på Yoga och Ayurvedans insikter om sinnet. För dig som vill tänja på dina mentala begränsningar och är redo för en förändring av ditt
    Kursledare Dr Vinay Vora
    liv på alla plan så kan det här vara kursen för dig.
    Workshopen i sin helhet hålls under 2 dagar mellan kl 09.00-18.00 och hålls på engelska.

    Innehåll: Dynamic Yoga
    (Unleash your hidden potential with Yoga and Ayurveda)

      Day 1
      *Basic knowledge of Ayurveda
      Introduction to the basic knowledge of Ayurveda for beginners as well for advanced practitioners. We cover the real meaning of
      Ayurveda including concepts of Dosha, Perfect health, soul,
      mind, diet, daily routine,.
      *Breathing exercise 1-2-3 Power Yoga
      We use less effort and get maximum benefits out of it thats why we call it Power Yoga. Its a "new age yoga for new age people". In this yoga you don't need to lye down on the floor. It is more like different types of breathing techniques.
      *Laws of Universe
      There are certain laws of Nature, if we understand and follow them
      in our daily life we can change our life our health, spirituality and our
      social relations.
      *Law of Universe-Attraction
      One can attract good or bad things by thinking negative or positive
      thoughts. Sometimes we found that when we think that we are
      positive thinkers, we are not. In reality it’s more negative. All practical
      demonstration/experience. You can achieve any kind of goal by using this
      simple Yoga techniques like health, wealth, social, spiritual goals.
      *Conscious-subconscious and Transcendental state of mind
      Theoretical knowledge about mind with practical demonstrations and experience. We practice techniques where we reach to the transcendental state of mind through yoga.
      *Yoga philosophy + Mind theory
      We cover the real meaning of Patanjali Yoga and its 8 branches. We are focusing more on the branches of Yama and Niyama.
      This mind technique could be used when the mind is in delirium-confusion.
      Our sub consciousness will answer our question with a Yes or No.
      Practical demonstration and experiences.
      *Divine planning and healing,
      We teach you a mind technique which will help you to achieve your goals
      but it will also heal your physical imbalances. Practical demonstration
      *Mini nap
      Practicing this technique for 10 minutes will give you the benefit of 2 hours
      of profound sleep. Practical demonstration and experience.
      *Mental clock and sleep management
      This is a useful technique to balance the need to get more sleep as well as the need for to much sleep. By setting the mind it will takes care of our needs for sleep. Practical technique demonstration/experiences.
      *Cleansing of the mental house
      We do many kinds of cleansing in our physical body. But it is also very
      essential to clean our mental body to get more support in any field in life.
      This is practical demonstration and experiences
      *Third eye technique demonstration
      Unique practical experience of the power of yoga. We use the
      power of the third eye.
      *Michhami dukkadam therapy (eraser therapy)
      Technique to forgive every one in our life and give love to everyone in life.

      Day 2
      *Repetition of Power Yoga 1-2-3
      *New Power yoga 4-5-6
      *Yoga food and regimen
      If you are more on spiritual side its good to know what kind of diet and regimen is helpful to follow. If you are not in that field diet and regimen is also very important for your mental and physical wellbeing.
      *Negativity and positivity
      *Pain control
      By using this mind techniques you can overcome or control body pain
      and reduce the intake of pain killers and cortisones.
      Practical demonstration and experience.
      *Circle of confidence
      This is fantastic technique to improve the level of confidence. Very often obstacle to achieve our goals in life is due to lack of confidence.
      Practical demonstration and experience.
      *Phobia buster
      There are so many kinds of fear or phobias in our mind which
      are obstructing us to reach our goal in life. 90 % of the imbalances/
      diseases we suffer from are psychosomatic in nature which we easily can overcome by this technique. Practical demonstration and experience.
      *Fire eating
      We will eat fire just to show that our self-confidence level is
      increased a lot. This is just symbol of it. Just to overcome our fears.
      *Goal settings
      You will learn how to achieve your goals in a systematic manner by using this knowledge of yoga and how to gain the support of family and society to
      achieve your goal. Whatever goals you have if it is health, wealth or wisdom it doesn’t matter.
      Mudra is a part of Yoga in which we use the fingers in different positions to effect body and mind. This mudra we learn is a Miracle-mudra that we can
      use to improve our memory and to be used in case of emergency.
      It’s very good for students. Practical demonstration and experiences.
      *Attract wealth
      Veda is mentioning 4 different purposes of life and they are:
      -Dharma: Our duty
      -Arth: Wealth. We can fulfil our desires by attracting more wealth. We give
      you short cut keys how to attract wealth/money (or whatever you like to attract), with the support of nature we can earn more, nature is unlimited only our mind sets the limitations. There are 12 different kinds of wealth like Lakshmi-wealth or Dun which is material-money.
      -Kam: sex.
      -Moksha: Enlightenment.
      Shri Yantra
      *Conclusion and handing out course material.
      Approx 5 CDs: Video with all dynamic yoga, CD with commentaries on mind techniques/guided meditations.

    Kursdatum och anmälan

Anmälan görs genom att mejla oss ditt intresse. Kursavgiften är på 1950:-. PG 11 08 43-0 Skandinaviska Institutet.


Ayurveda-Akademin, Åkervägen 1. 191 40 Sollentuna/Helenelund


Totalt 1950:- (inkl moms).

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